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Rishikesh Valley Yoga Meditation Resort in Rishikesh


The essence of nature cannot be conveyed. It can only be experienced by living in nature, the way nature intended. At Rishikesh Valley Yoga Meditation Resort, we will allow you to do so in a luxurious manner.

The Rishikesh Valley Yoga Meditation Resort is a natural paradise. Rishikesh Valley Yoga Meditation Resort is built of natural materials and situated on a site of Rishikesh that has eluded even the slightest adaptation brought about by modernity. You may develop friendships here, surrounded by centuries-old Himalayan woods and undisturbed tranquility.

The dwelling area of Rishikesh Valley  Yoga Meditation Resort enjoys a rural vibe yet also feels comfortable. For people seeking a peaceful, nutritious existence away from the busy modern world, Rishikesh Valley Yoga Meditation Resort sincerely believes in a holistic approach to living. You can practise yoga and meditation to reconnect with yourself, heal your body, and refresh your mind. We provide coexisting with nature as a straightforward, cosy method that aids in opening doors for people looking for the truth and their actual calling in life. Residencing in an organic yoga and meditation resort in Rishikesh has the power to change your life.

The most appealing aspect of Rishikesh Valley Yoga Meditation Resort is the opportunity to pursue numerous activities. If you opt to join any of our retreats or courses, you can plan your schedule accordingly. If you simply want to relax, have a family gathering, or enjoy a romantic getaway, you may pick any spot on the premises including lying around dreaming or reading by the side of the natural stream and pool.


About Rishikesh Valley Resort

The essence of nature cannot be expressed. It can only be experienced by living in the midst of nature and in the way nature intended.

At Rishikesh Valley Yoga Meditation Resort, we will let you do just that but in a luxurious manner.

Rishikesh Valley Yoga Meditation Resort has built cottages with attached washrooms with an intense focus on sustainability while adhering to the principles of wonderful minimalism.

 Each cottage overlooks the surrounding mountains and is nestled in the thick forest, providing guests with total solitude. The cottages are spacious and rustic in design, contributing to the Himalayan tranquility and relaxation. They also have a sit-out area where Guests can admire the stunning views of the mountains and lush greenery.

Cottages offer a natural setting with stunning views of the forest and river At Rishikesh Valley  Yoga Meditation Resort, we offer Satvik food that combines ayurveda and yoga lifestyle.


Yoga Meditation Retreats In Rishikesh


This retreat will teach you a comprehensive way of life, with a focus on breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga philosophy. This will bring harmony and less stress into your life, encouraging you to reconnect with your authentic self.

Rishikesh Yoga Meditation Retreat will help you become aware of and experience actual meditation by practicing different approaches, encouraging you to discover a method for going deep within yourself. You realize what is more important for you—how to take proper care of your mind effectively in daily life. What is more significant to you in life? We will lead you on this journey with a fresh approach to understanding the nature of the mind and an authentic understanding of how we can attain insight into what we truly are.

Our Yoga Meditation Retreat is nestled in the Himalayan foothills, surrounded by Himalayan forests and a magnificent mountain river. In addition to yoga and meditation, we will take you on a forest meditative walk and silent meditation by a mountain stream.

In this Yoga Meditation Retreat, you will have an opportunity to wander around spiritual yet mystical Rishikesh with our teacher.

Our Activities


Forest Bath

Spending time in the forest is a natural form of treatment. Forest Bathing encourages individuals of all ages to take deep breaths, learn, and connect with the forest.


Paint your emotions

Rather than letting our thoughts take up residence in our minds and rule us, we may recognise them for what they are: thoughts, and we can employ those feelings to create art.


Sound healing

Sound healing is a powerful therapy that creates a lovely experience in every layer of our light energy field by combining different healing sounds, music, and sound healing instruments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rishikesh Valley™ is 3 km up in The High Banks above Laxman Jhula on the way to Kunjapuri Trek Road near NH-58, Tapovan, Rishikesh.

Apart from your package the price include room only with taxes.
Our prices are fixed but you may contact us to know more.
Generally We don't have major events happening but you may contact us.
Please note that we are 3 km from Laxman Jhula the road has a Steep up drive road. Where last 500 mtr stretch is not motorable. Please note that we could arrange your pick up and drop ( @ Rs. 250/- each side ) from Tapovan main road to Rishikesh Valley ( max 5 people can come in a car at a time ). If you are coming in your own car please talk to us before. Please note a driver stay is not available.
12:00 PM ( NOON ) Check In
11:00 AM ( MORNING ) Check Out
Break Fast: 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Lunch : 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Dinner : 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Their is no room service. However water and tea can be provided in the room.
No. Consuming Alcohol / Non-Veg is strictly not allowed.
No, We don't have AC Room However every room has Room Cooler with generator backup.
Yes, We have Hot water facility in the bathroom.
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