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The most charming thing about Rishikesh Valley™ is the freedom to pursue all sorts of activities. If you are opting for any one of our packages, you can chalk out your time accordingly. If you are simply in the mood for lazing around, enjoying a family get-together or indulging in romantic escapades you can pick any spot within the premises or outside - including lying around dreaming or reading on the banks of the hem river.

With our gentle yoga techniques you can bring balance in your body through relaxing postures. Yoga is perfect for seniors, beginners, those recovering from injury or surgery or those who have health issues.

Learn the ancient art of meditation as practiced by the sages for effectively relaxing mind, emotions and the soul or to alter your state of consciousness to achieve spiritual enlightment.

We will not only let you avail the benefits of Ayurveda but also supply you with basic knowledge of Ayurveda and its massage techniques with or without herbs and oils.

Pot of Nature:
The benefits of a complete organic diet is well documented by doctors, dietitians and beauty specialists’ world over. At Pot of Nature, our very own herbal restaurant, we serve an exquisite range in organic cuisines. The restaurant also offers an excellent view of the river and the forest to compliment your mood for natural delicacies.

This art of cultivating the earth gets you acquainted with the roots of nature. We offer you a small but well kept garden to indulge your passion for the earth and the joy of watching it grow and blossom.

Local sights:
Rishikesh is abound with old temples, meditation sites, and many enchanting locations. You can go on light excursions visiting these places white water rafting, trekking or simply sit around in a secluded spot contemplating on the meaning of life.

Within the premises we have a special shop that showcases traditional artifacts. Here you can treat your connoisseur’s taste for a collection of authentic Himalayan artifacts.

Health Spa:
Your well being is our primary concern. Reason why, we offer you a nature inspired Health Spa to purge your body of toxins, stress, tiredness and to rejuvenate your senses. Choose from a generous selection in facial and body treatments to heal your body.